Friday, August 27, 2010

New Sleep Center Opens in New York City

New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital has just opened a new state of the art sleep center. I'm hoping state of the art means it will be including neurofeedback as one of the ways it works with people, because for most of my clients sleep is one of the first things they see improvement in.

The article linked to above cites the statistic that one out of five Americans is sleepy during the daytime.

I'm surprised it's not higher than that. Maybe that's because I live and work in New York City, which is pretty notorious for long hours at work and late nights. Or because many of my clients come for help getting sleep - and for anxiety which is a common cause of sleeplessness.

Still, one in five is a very significant number. Sleep deprivation contributes to lower productivity, automobile and other accidents. People who start getting enough sleep report more clarity, better decision making, more integration of new learning and a host of other benefits over and above feeling rested. Reduced sleep has been linked to decreased longevity. Sleep apnea strains the heart.

Don't just put up with not getting enough sleep or not sleeping well. One thing you can do as a start is learn about and improve your sleep hygiene (the link takes you to a page on my psychotherapy website where you can download a free PDF file.) Click on this next link for a video about neurofeedback and sleep and more about what to expect from neurofeedback.

Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW
New York Neurofeedback

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