Monday, September 19, 2011

Neurofeedback for Kids with ADHD

Here is a June 2011 CNN video feature on the use of neurofeedback for ADHD. (Warning: You'll have to watch a short advertisement first.)

The child in this video had been on medication, but his family felt he wasn't himself - that his personality was suppressed. The center they went to in Southern California has the goal of as few children as possible needing medication and that those children who are on medication are able to take the least possible amount.

Neurofeedback is also helpful for adults with attention deficit disorders. I've seen marked improvements in my clients. I don't work with children, but if you're in the New York area you're welcome to email me for a referral to neurofeedback trainers who do - or to ask about your own ADD or ADHD.

Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW
New York Neurofeedback


  1. That's really appreciated. Good service for children.

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  3. As much as possible, if a parent discovers that their kid has ADD/ADHD they should seek professional help. I hope that you don’t get them cured by drug medication because those drugs are molecularly identical to street drugs. I would rather suggest getting them in behavioral therapy or counseling. Do make sure also that you are parenting them well enough because they need all the love and support they can have.

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