Monday, December 5, 2011

Benefits of Mindfulness

A sizable number of my neurofeedback clients come because they want to reduce anxiety. Anxiety can be quite miserable, as anyone who has felt much of it will tell you.

Many of these clients tell me that meditation or mindfulness practice has been recommended to them - and they feel drawn to it - but they just can't sit still for it. This often gets much easier after a few sessions of NeurOptimal® (the state of the art system I use).

Anxious or fidgety people can also practice mindfulness that doesn't require sitting still. I came across a really nice Psychology Today article recently called 6 Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness Outside of Meditation.

In addition to "how to" instructions, the article covers a spectrum of potential benefits, including "turning a boring activity into an adventure" and making wiser choices.

If this is something you've been longing for but thought you couldn't do, there are ways to get the benefits that don't involve a cushion.

Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW
New York Neurofeedback

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  1. I think neurofeedback (and peripheral biofeedback) combine really well together - in my practice I use EMG, HRV and HEG in combination with mindfulness, with good results.