Monday, April 2, 2012

Neurofeedback, NeurOptimal® and the End of Panic Attacks

Journalist Jan Murphy tells  his story of decades of anxiety and panic accompanied - as panic generally is - by a variety of unpleasant physical symptoms. All this ended with neurofeedback.

Jan doesn't say so in his article, How Cutting Edge Science Made my Fear Go Away, but his description of the state of the art brain training he received is clearly NeurOptimal®, the neurofeedback used at New York Neurofeedback.

Panic attacks are miserable. So is anxiety. I have personally seen anxiety greatly decrease and panic attacks disappear entirely with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback.

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Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW
New York Neurofeedback


  1. We have had such great results with PTSD and Panic Attacks at our office. I love that we are able to help people this way. Does NeurOptimal have Alpha Theta as well? This is where my clients have seen the biggest difference in panic and anxiety.

  2. NeurOptimal works differently than protocol based neurofeedback. Alpha Theta changes happen naturally - if that is what the individual needs - as the CNS renormalizes itself. And, yes, it is wonderful to see these changes happen, especially with conditions that are as miserable to experience as PTSD and Panic Attacks!