Monday, September 10, 2012

Neurofeedback and Sports

A short article published in March of 2012 in the Norwich Bulletin is titled Neurofeedback Training May Enhance Athletic Performance.

The article does a nice job of outlining the kinds of peak performance related traits that can benefit from neurofeedback. The author, Dr. Melissa Perkins-Banas,says this:
New research continues to demonstrate that sports performance enhancement requires the optimization of specific mental activities. Enhanced concentration and attention, physical balance, and regulation of arousal levels are particularly salient aspects of performance regulated through the central nervous system.
The type of neurofeedback described by Dr. Perkins-Banas is classical neurofeedback. To read about the differences between this type and the state of the art system I use, NeurOptimal®, visit the What is Neurofeedback page of New York Neurofeedback's website.

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Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW
New York Neurofeedback

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