Monday, May 20, 2013

Neurofeedback and the Side Effects of Cancer and Cancer Treatment

Excellent news: Colleague Jean Alvarez' well-done study on the use of neurofeedback to reduce
cognitive side effects of cancer and cancer treatment has recently been published.

The results of the study are very positive. This is especially exciting because there is very little else that helps with this condition, often called Chemo Brain or Chemo Fog.

The study confirms what I and many other NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainers have seen in our work - that symptoms begin to reduce very quickly, often as soon as after the first session.

An abstract of the study is available at the Integrative Cancer Therapies journal. You can also obtain more information about the study by emailing Dr. Alvarez. 

If you have questions about neurofeedback and side effects of cancer and cancer treatments (or for other things you would like to see change), please comment here or email me.

Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW

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